Infant and Child Spinal Care in Orleans ON

Chiropractor Mark Hunter Orleans ON Hunter Chiropractic Wellness CentreAs parents learn the importance of getting and keeping their spines healthy, they realize it is best to begin this in childhood.

Wellness chiropractic care for kids is generally very simple as most young spines have not yet had sufficient time to accumulate substantial problems. The key is prevention. And our family plans make prevention an extremely affordable option.

We also see many children with specific conditions such as ear infections, colic, bed wetting, learning and concentration issues, weak immune function. digestive problems, pain, brain injuries, and many more.

And even with children with more advanced health conditions, they will always benefit tremendously from having an optimally functioning spine and nervous system.

Dr. Hunter is trained in extremely gentle, precise, and effective adjustments techniques for kids ranging from newborns and toddlers to teenagers.

Getting adjusted is a gentle experience in our office and it will feel great for your kids. There are also books for them to read, toys to play with, and even stickers for them to take home!

Call or email us to schedule your kids check-ups today!

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“Dr. Hunter and the staff are great; they are very patient oriented and always take the time for you. They are also always so cheerful! Wow!”

- H. Charbonneau

“Since starting with Dr. Hunter I have had major changes in rate of pain in lower legs (left) and mid back. I was on my way to the table for more surgery when I started care. I now feel almost human and can see an end to requiring more surgery!”

- David M.

“Dr. Hunter and staff have made a big difference in my life and lifestyle. My life is great and I am looking forward to another year of care!”

- Patricia M.

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200 Vanguard Drive Unit 2

Orleans, ON K4A 1A1