The Best Parks and Museums Located In Orleans Ontario

Orleans has among the world's best museums right at its back door. You get to be transported back to eras of long ago by the artifacts you find in the galleries but also get to experience the contemporary art of intelligent minds. Orleans is located on the eastern side of the city of Ottawa along the river, in Ontario Canada. Orleans has a population of a little over 100000 citizens and is a suburban locale. Many parks in Orleans offer scenic views plus recreational areas for doing sports and sport-related activities. Some of the museums and parks in Orleans are as follows.

Canadian War Museum

The Canadian War Museum tells of the history of the country; its military history and the role it played to establish modern day. The museum affords you the chance to immerse yourself in stories from people who experienced the military life of Canada along with great artwork and lively presentations. The Canadian War Museum has a unique and sophisticated architectural structure that is a sight to behold. It is acknowledged worldwide as a place to get to know Canada's history and architectural excellence.

National Gallery of Canada

This gallery boasts of paintings, sculptures, photos, and drawings from all over Canada and Europe. Founded in 1880, it hasn't lost its impact to the culture of Orleans and adds to the artistic nature that is part and parcel of the area. You are bound to get a great surprise when you visit the museum for the first time because of the giant spider sculpture that welcomes you when you enter the gallery. The atrium part of the exhibit offers a fantastic view of the Ottawa River, the Parliament Hill building, and the Notre Dame Basilica and can have you staring for days.

Ottawa Art Gallery

The Ottawa Art gallery has a postmodern architecture style that is sure to live you in owe. The art gallery hosts native art pieces and paintings Canada as well as contemporary paintings and drawings from all over the world. You get to hear great music being played as you tour the museum and you can visit the bar that is inside the gallery.

Lansdowne Park

The Lansdowne Park hosts many shops and restaurants, a movie theatre and a stadium. There's so much activity to engage in guaranteeing that you will enjoy your visit to the park. The park is spacious and well manicured, and you can go biking on the canals or take a nature walk. If you are a sports maniac, the stadium is sure to be a pleasure as it hosts football games that you can watch and cheer on.

Britannia Park

Britannia Park is on the shores of the river and allows you to undertake water sports activities like swimming and boat riding. It is a great place to visit both in the summer and winter, and a pleasant area to visit with the family. The park is clean with beautiful scenic views and lovely to have picnics, go on bike rides and hikes or just relax and enjoy nature.

Major's Hill Park

The park is situated near majority of the museums and churches in Orleans and is close to the Ottawa River. Many visit the park because you can see many of the historical sites of Orleans from here. The place is quaint and tranquil with well-kept lawns along with beautiful natural sceneries. It is a favorite with the locals and tourists and one area that comes highly recommended to visit.Orleans is an area full of great scenic atmosphere that will fulfill your need for adventure as well as a better understanding of the country Canada and its people.