Orleans, ON Find Out How I Spent The Day In This Great City

Located in the suburban area of Ottawa Canada, Orleans Ontario is full of fantastic sites as well as areas that provide you with a world-class experience of vibrant taste, relaxation along with memories that are sure to stay with you for a long time. Orleans possesses a broad range of cultural attractions, natural scenes and also great amenities to give you the best time of your life in this city. As you take a trip to Orleans, you can visit the following places to enrich your visit.
Art Galleries Orleans is a place ingrained in culture and tradition, and as you walk through the streets of the suburb area you will not miss to see this. There are a variety of galleries in the area where you can enjoy art and entertainment unlike anywhere else but Orleans. Ottawa Art gallery is a must see when visiting Orleans Ontario. It is one among the many art locals that come highly recommended. The museum is reviewed to have ancient paintings from as early as the 15th century as well as modern, contemporary pieces. The art pieces in the gallery are from Canada itself, and some are also from different areas in the world.
Historical sites You can visit historical places in the area like the Laurier House, built in 1878, and has previously been the home of two Canadian Prime ministers. Parliament Hill is another site that receives an average 3 million tourists visiting per year. Known locally as the Hill, it is located on the banks of the Ottawa River, and it is where the parliament of Canada sits.
Restaurants Orleans Ontario boasts of places which give fine dining as well excellent and affordable food. Taste excellent cuisine, authentically Canadian in restaurants like Next, Absinthe, and Gezellig that offer excellence with great ambiance for your convenience. You will enjoy a taste of American, Italian, Canadian even European dishes in these restaurants. If you are a fan of down-to-earth foods, like pizza, you can still enjoy these in restaurants like La Bottega, Cumberland Pizza, and Elgin Street Diner.
ParksOrleans is blessed with natural parks that allow you to go on nature walks, bask in the sun or relax in the canopy of luscious green trees. Also, it is interesting to see how the city has incorporated park life into the busyness of city life as some of the parks are located in the heart of the town. You can go on hikes, bicycle riding and engage in other outdoor sports. The parks and gardens present in Orleans are a great place to enjoy even with your family.
BeachesOrleans is home to many beaches that afford you the opportunity to have picnics, on the sandy shores as you enjoy the tranquil scenes. Public beaches offer picnic and barbeque areas, water fountain area, and trails for hiking as well as lifeguard services. The beach life in Orleans is tranquil as well as safe for everyone.
HotelsSome hotels face historical sites, there are hotels which resemble apartment, and there are bed and breakfast inns in Orleans. You get a variety of options to choose from, according to your tastes and preferences along with the budget you have in place.
Theatre and auditoriumsYou can take a tour of the theatre world of Orleans by visiting art centers like Harold Shenkman Arts center and the Richcraft Theatre. Here, you are sure to witness Orleans most talented people perform live theatrical numbers, including musicals and even the opera. The centers also host skits, poetry and book readings, open workshops and recitals; so you get a chance to integrate yourself with the artistic presence in the city.
So get yourself a map of the city of Orleans and travel to your heart's content because Orleans Ontario has everything to offer, with no regrets.