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One has to ask where the food pyramid / guide came from? Was it based on extensive research or was it influenced by industry lobbies? In what era of human history did cow’s milk become an essential part of the human species’ diet? Did our ancestors thousands of years ago have access to copious amounts of cereal grains and did it make up a majority of their diet? Could our modern diet be a contributing factor to why 80% of our workforce has a chronic illness?

If you want to have a chance at consuming an innate diet, congruent with your genetic requirements, you need to ask yourself these questions. Just think about it, if the four food groups are logical and genetically correct for the human species, pizza would be the perfect food (sounds too good to be true! – by the way beer is made from grain too isn’t it?). How simple life would be -pizza for breakfast, lunch, dinner!

Unfortunately these guidelines were never based on what your gene code requires for sufficiency and purity in terms of your dietary needs. GENE CODE determines what you require – not industry lobbies. Whether or not our dietary habits match these requirements determines our states of sufficiency/deficiency and purity/toxicity which determines our GENE EXPRESSION – our state of health or sickness.

Genetically we have not changed for tens of thousands of years, yet our lifestyle has changed almost beyond recognition. Genetically we still are hunters and gatherers requiring the environment that a hunter and gatherer lives/lived in. Western nations are now literally feedlots and there are few things more harmful to your family’s health than breakfast cereals, breads, and wheat pasta. Cereals and pasta are sugar (even if it is called a complex carbohydrate) and the only thing that matters is whether or not it is genetically compatible with your gene code.

Sound research shows that the human genome does not know what to do with dairy, grains, and refined sugar because our ancestors never consumed them. The fact is our ancestors would have had to expend more energy gathering the scarce amount of wild grains than they would have got from eating them – grains didn’t grow in big fields until the agricultural revolution! Would they have chased a wild animal around to get milk?

Did you know that we are the only animal species on earth that drinks another animal’s milk? And that we are the only animal species on earth that consumes milk after infancy? Did you know that humans are the only species on earth with osteoporosis (besides animals we domesticate)? And why is it that we have been told so adamantly that we need to drink milk? For calcium right? Well do you know that there is NOT a single study anywhere that shows that drinking milk increases bone density?

Still not convinced? Please go to and read Dr. Chestnuts newsletter entitled ‘The Myths of Calcium Supplementation and Dairy’. By the way, there are studies that show eating more fruits and vegetables, and getting calcium in the organic form you genetically require, will increase bone density. Ever wonder how elephant bones get so big and strong? Do they drink cow’s milk?

To eat innately for LIFE, humans are genetically designed to get our nutrients from free-range organic grass (not grain or soy) fed meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds and water. There is NOTHING magical about our physiology that allows us to eat toxic or deficient diets without severe health consequences. To learn more about the Innate Diet™, ask us about how to attend the next seminar series of the Innate Lifestyle™.

Until next time, EAT WELL

Dr. Mark

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