What Is The Biggest Thing You Can Do To Improve Your Health?

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Why do so many people struggle when it comes to regularly eating well, exercising, and reducing stress? You already know that doing these things is healthy, and there is no shortage of strategies out there offering you information about diet, exercise, and positive thinking. So what causes us to start, sometimes succeed temporarily, and then fall off track so often?

Well, neuroscientists tell us that it is because these strategies are only treating the EFFECT, and not the CAUSE of your behaviours. Your behaviours (which foods you choose, whether you exercise or not, how you react in stressful life situations, etc.) are largely the result of the PROGRAMMING in your subconscious brain that you have developed throughout your life!

We now know that this program can be changed over time, but you need to learn a specific skill-set to accomplish this. This skill-set can literally mean the difference between optimal health and vitality versus chronic illness and disability.

Key #1 – Stop trying what doesn’t work! If your strategy is to force yourself to do things you don’t like, and deprive yourself of things you love, your brain won’t be producing a chemical you CRAVE called dopamine (the feeling of pleasure). Your body cannot do this sustainably (failure). With the proper skill-set, you can (and have to) change what your brain anchors to releasing this natural chemical.

Key #2 – You DO have enough time, motivation, and energy to do this! You may just believe that you don’t! Most people never learn what the research is clearly showing about the ACTUAL degree that your lifestyle choices affect your current and future health. It is FAR more than you may think. You need to start understanding: i) what has been clearly determined to be the diet, exercise, and thought patterns which are REQUIRED for you to experience optimal health; and ii) what the TRUE consequences of living a different lifestyle are.

Chronic illness is not caused by bad genetics or bad luck. It is caused by how your lifestyle choices and environment cause your genetics to be expressed.

You can do it. It is not hard. Contact me if you need help!
-Dr. Mark Hunter B.Sc., Dip. S.I.M., D.C., C.C.W.P.

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