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There can be no debate regarding the fact that lifestyle intervention must become the foundation of healthcare reform! Adopting a genetically congruent lifestyle is the only viable solution for wellness and prevention.

It saves lives, money, and healthcare!

For the 5 most expensive chronic illnesses (heart disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, prostate cancer, and breast cancer) THE RESEARCH IS CLEAR that addressing the lifestyle causes of these illnesses could save millions of lives and trillions of dollars!

The changes in physiology associated with chronic illness are not genetic or pathological; they are the effects of environmental stressors. Your health is the genetic expression of your environment. We have become convinced that we are somehow immune to the natural laws that have governed human existence for thousands of years.

In today’s modern lifestyle we have literally engineered movement out of our lives for the sake of efficiency and energy conservation. However, the one thing that we forgot is that our bodies are genetically hard-wired to move. Although our lifestyle has changed radically in the past thousand years, unfortunately our genes do not adapt that quickly. In fact, scientists tell us that our genes have not changed significantly for 40,000 years.

Think about it – that means you have the DNA of a hunter and gatherer. Every morning when you wake up, your DNA is expecting an environment from thousands of years ago. Your DNA is expecting that you will be exerting energy all day long. It is designed to walk 10 miles, carry awkward objects, climb hills, lift heavy objects while maintaining balance while enduring aerobic, anaerobic, and resistance stimulus all throughout your day.

Our genes today still require stimulus from exercise and proper posture in order to produce healthy physiology and biochemistry and without it we are literally deficient and sick!

Exercise is NOT optional. Exercise is an essential nutrient source.

We now have energy expenditure and sedentary living patterns that are completely deficient and toxic. Our movement patterns are incongruent with our genetic requirements for healthy cell function. The result is pandemic levels of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, depression, and every other chronic illness!

Change your life today by increasing your general overall amount of daily movement, adding daily aerobic expenditure and including resistance exercise into your daily routine. Just start moving, you don’t have to wait for the right time to begin, your cells are expecting it right now!

With you on your journey to a better, happier, and longer life,

Dr. Mark

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