Must See Landmarks In Orleans Ontario

Take a tour of Orleans in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and be guided through its high streets by having a lookout for some of the most important landmarks in form of notable structures. Of course, you can't ignore other important landmarks that are not visible from a distance but are important national and local symbols.
Once you visit the city of Ottawa in Ontario, Canada you will learn that Orleans is one of its suburbs. It is to the eastern part of Ottawa and runs along the River Ottawa. This part of Ottawa is important as it has many significant landmarks and national symbols of repute. Below we list some of the most notable.
Landmark-cinemas 10 Orleans- This is the largest theatre owned by Landmark Cinemas-10 Orleans. It is one of the first theatre operated by the chain to have adopted digital auditoriums and it was the only all-time digital multiplex in the eastern part of Toronto. Landmark has stadium seating, rooms to hold corporate and community events, all kinds of parties, has reclining chairs for comfort. The theatre comprises multiple screens hosting a 3D capability. It is one of the most popular destinations for all local and outside movie lovers.
Laurier house- national historic site- Served as a former residence of two important former Prime Ministers Rt. Hon. William Mackenzie and Sir Wilfrid Urier. It represents Canada;s political history. While at this landmark you can:

Enjoy the live-history theatre featuring’ the Séance in time’
Visit Canada's kitchen and learn about the second world-war homefront
Have a guided tour through the building learning about the times of the two prime ministers
Visit nearby sites such as Rideau Canal-National Historic Site, Thousands Islands-National Park, Battle of the-Windmill National Historic-Site among others

National war memorial- Originally constructed as a commemoration to the country's role in the 1st world war of 1914-18. To show the sacrifice made are bronze figures built through a great arch. Freedom and peace gained are shown by two overhead figures.
A competition was held in 1925 to come with creative ideas of building the monument and coming up with the artifacts of remembrance. Included in the competition were sculptors, architects and artist resident in the empire and other allied nations. The ideas to be fronted had to represent the feelings of the people of Canada to those who participated and perished in the war.
Parliament Hill- The landmark represents Canada's symbol of pride and important heritage sites. It comprises the parliament building, a structure with a gothic revival look done in 1859. It has been refurbished after some fire damages and required extensions. It is located in downtown Ottawa and overlooks the River. It is highly recognizable and is the country;s seat of government. The grounds are open to any visitor and planned trips to the hill can be arranged. You can visit the Saint Paul University, La Cite, Algonquin College, Canadian Tyre Centre and the TD Place at-Lansdowne among others.
Major’s Hill Park - The landmark offers the best lookouts you can find in the city of Ottawa. During important events, the park becomes a hive of activity and very calm in between events. It is one place you can't miss to visit while visiting Orleans. Being the first park in the city, it was built in 1826 and was used as the venue for First Canada day celebrations in 1867. The park currently is also a symbol of the country's historical heritage featuring many historical representations.