Top Things You Can Do In Orleans To Have Fun In 2017

Orleans, is a suburb of Ontario, Canada. It’s located in the eastern part of Ontario along the Ottawa River, approximately 10 miles from downtown Ottawa. As per the 2011 Canadian census, Orleans had a population of 107,825 people. Orleans is home to a number of amazing attractions and spots that welcome both local and international tourists.
Over the last few years, visitors have been trickling in large numbers to come and enjoy Orleans attractions and activities. If you are planning to visit on a weekend, the city offers you quite a number of choices to decide on. Let us take a look at some of the top things that you can do if are in Orleans Ontario for a weekend.

Shop at Place D’Orléans

Built and in 1979, Place D’Orléans is the largest shopping mall in Orleans, covering about 750,000 sq. ft. It has two large stores (Hudson’s Bay and Sport Check), a food court, and 170+ small shops. At Place D’Orléans you’ll find all the services and amenities to make your weekend getaway a real delight. You will also be shopping the most amazing stores available within the Orleans community in a pleasant and sophisticated atmosphere.
The mall is easily accessible from all the city’s location and provides plenty of free parking. Take advantage of the side pick-up/ drop-off by the Bank of Montreal entrance if you don’t want to park inside the mall. The food court at Place d'Orléans offers excellent menu and popular convenient choices, such as KFC, Pannizza, New York Fries, and more to make up for a remarkable weekend experience.

Visit Princess Louise Falls

The Princess Louise Falls is one of Orleans’ most breathtaking hidden treasures that is worth visiting. The best weekend to visit is during spring, along the escarpment south of the falls. Make sure to check out the area between the Falling Brook and Brookridge to enjoy picturesque views of the falls.
You can also explore uniquely beautiful waterfalls by driving into the top neighborhood or hiking up the mountain and finding the best viewpoint. The waterfall has a deep gorge and few water droppings climbing up at the top, several paths and a few bridge ways, so be careful.

Orleans Bowling Center

Big briskets and little bowling balls – Orleans Bowling Center has it all. This place has got to be one of the best destination for a remarkable ole' time in Orleans. Imagine the delight when you first pick up a ball marginally bigger than a softball and toss it down a wooden lane. That’s called duckpin bowling and you are only going to enjoy it at the Orleans Bowling Center.
The attached restaurant/bar is quite small, perfect for a few drinks. You will want to take that plate of dripping ribs as you sit along the duckpins lane. The lane equipment and the retro furnishing make it even more charming. This is indeed a good, fun place that people visiting Orleans for a weekend should make appoint of visiting.